crystal viewing


Crystal Viewing is a technique designed by Christina High-Hardy.  A crystal grid is used to create a "wormhole" that will allow you to safely pass from one reality to another.

Crystals have many amazing properties which can be scientifically demonstrated. If crystals are laid out on and around the body in the right way they can induce a meditative brain state. The advantage of using crystals is that it is easy to hold this state for a long period of time which makes it much easier to relax and observe.  

The philosophical perspective behind a Crystal Visioning is that all time is "Now" (something spiritual teachers have long taught and quantum physics now recognises). It is easy, in a meditative state, to journey to any point, in any "time" or place and to view it, right Now.

Many people are affected by past choices and events that appear in this lifetime as patterns or incidences that feel impossible to resolve; A Crystal Layout will take you back to the very beginning of the pattern and resolve its echos in your life today.  A Crystal Viewing will help you to resolve issues that are affecting you TODAY by allowing you to return with the lessons and gifts from a previous time where the issue originated, grounding the resolution firmly in the now.  You may return with the knowledge, tangible skills and attributes that you acquired in other lives, bringing them forward into your DNA NOW.  This is an incredible tool to help you achieve your highest potential.  

With Crystal Viewing, the only limit is your imagination. Crystal Layouts can be used to:

- explore "past life" memories or ancestral / genetic memories (with full sight, sound and smell); 

- view any point in your life to date

- explore your future - where will you be 10 years from now?

- travel to any point on the Earth and any time period

  1. -see, hear and talk to your (or another person's) Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

  2. -crystal viewing sessions increase & strengthen intuition and psychic abilities

Investment: $90 per session